Drew Barrymore Shares New Photos Of Her Little Daughters, And They Are Truly Adorable

Date January 31, 2018

Drew Barrymore definitely enjoys her role of a mother. The actress and her two adorable daughters know how to have fun together. Recently, Drew spent some awesome moments with little Olive and Frankie and came to her Instagram to share this joy with us.


Drew opens up on what if feels like to be a mother

Once, Barrymore confessed that despite her ‘adult’ age, she still feels like a child. She told that when she was just 35. But it seems like motherhood hasn’t changed Drew’s attitude to life. She still enjoys every life moment, though now she’s doing it together with her adorable kids.


Drew is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters: 3-year-old Frankie and 5-year-old Olive. The actress calls herself a fun but strict mom. She teaches her daughters responsibility to take care of themselves.

I usually tell my daughters “as soon as we can finish this, let’s get back to our adventurer life.” I am kind, patient and loving, because I truly do understand what it’s like to be a kid.

Charlie’s Angels star doesn’t hide her personal life from public eyes and often shares her family photos on social media. Just take a look at these pictures of Barrymore with her little angels. Aren’t they sweet?

In her recent post, Drew shared how she spent awesome time with little Olive and Frankie in the park.

Sunday in the park…Kids are all so different. And today we play. Family day.

The actress says she is so happy to have a large family. By the way, Barrymore has a dog Douglas, who is frequently featured in Drew’s Instagram posts, making the hearts of the fans melt.

Not so long time ago, the star has expanded her family by adopting three lovely kittens.

If you can believe, my daughters and I went to rescue a cat and came home with three kittens in need.

Drew must be really proud of her big loving family, and their awesome photos together make us a part of this idyllic picture.


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