George Clooney Caused Many Problems For Roseanne Barr On Set Of The Famous Sitcom

Date March 29, 2018

The good thing we’ve been waited for so long finally happened. Yesterday was the big day for all Roseanne fans. The sitcom reboot hit the screen for a new season after 20 years since the last episode was aired.

Our beloved Roseanne stars got back together for a new season saying they “would never miss a chance to give a second life to the show.” But one person didn’t join the ‘family reunion’, and his name is George Clooney.


Why Clooney turned down the role on ‘Roseanne’ reboot?

Today, George Clooney is an A-list Hollywood star, but most fans still remember him as a young fellow from their favorite TV series Roseanne. He portrayed Roseanne's factory foreman, Booker Brooks, who dated her sister Jackie at the first season.

After 27 years, Clooney was offered to reunite with the cast of the famous sitcom for the long-awaited reboot. But unfortunately, the actor declined the offer.

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His former co-star, Roseanne Barr, commented on George’s refusal to join the rest of the cast:

George Clooney didn't want to come on. So that was a bummer, but he lives in Italy.


The hidden truth about Clooney and Roseanne

In her recent interview, the sitcom star, Roseanne Barr, revealed some little-known facts about her relationship with Clooney. It appears that George was a big fan of making jokes on set.


Barr finally confirmed a rumor that when the sitcom became number one in rating, ABC sent the cast and crew a giant chocolate bar, which Clooney smashed to pieces. Then, the crew took photos of it and sent it to network executives. Roseanne told in her interview:

That caused a lot of problems for me. I should not have sent that picture. But it's so funny.

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The actress added that Clooney said some really silly things about her during shooting, but she still loves him very much.


Of course, it is said that George Clooney refused to join the cast of Roseanne for a new season, but still, its reboot will undoubtedly become one of the most bombshell events of the year.

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