John Goodman Explains How His ‘Roseanne’ Wife Helped Him Defeat Alcoholism Many Years Ago

Date March 30, 2018

We all love and admire John Goodman, who has become the most famous American dad after his iconic role in Roseanne. But it appears that things were not going so easy for the actor during shooting. He was struggling with alcoholism, and like many others, he didn't realize it until his colleagues said what he was doing was "hard to watch."


John Goodman opens up how he defeated his addiction

John’s role of Dan Conner from the world-favorite Roseanne made him a real star for many generations. But in real life, Goodman struggled with some serious issues on set of the popular sitcom.

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In a live interview with Sunday Today, Goodman confessed he suffered from alcoholism for many years. He thought nobody had an idea about his struggles.

I thought I was fooling people. I was drinking at work and people were scared for me. I was ashamed of myself, but I couldn’t stop.


When being asked how he managed to defeat his addiction, Goodman explained that his wife Annabeth helped him go through the darkest times. She called to the treatment center where John went through all the stages to his complete recovering. It’s been more than 10 years since he defeated alcoholism.


Besides his wife, Goodman’s close friend and co-star, Roseanne Barr, was the biggest supporter on his path to overcoming addiction.

She was scared for me, but she was more confrontational.

Barr’s former husband also struggled with alcoholism, so she knew what she needed to do. Roseanne explained they've always been there for each other. Today, she and John have a close friendship off the show too. Once, Goodman joked about their relationship:

I guess if you have Roseanne Barr as your TV mom or wife, you've got to know that she's going to look out for you.


Today, John Goodman says he feels totally fine and satisfied with his life. We are also happy that Roseanne star’s dark times are over now.


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