Justin Bieber Celebrated His 24th Birthday With ‘Limos Party’. Too Bad, Selena Gomez Missed It

Date March 2, 2018 13:18

March 1 is an awesome day for two reasons. First, it marks the arrival of spring. The second reason is Justin Bieber’s birthday. The singer has just turned 24. Do you want to find out how Bieber celebrated his birthday? It was something awesome.

Justin Bieber’s birthday celebration

World-favorite star and ‘every girl’s dream’, Justin Bieber, is 24 now. The singer celebrated this special date with his close friends.

Bieber asked his friends for a festive lunch at the London West Hollywood. After that, he rent a caravan of limos to bring his mates to the MB2 Raceway in Valencia, California. They spent several hours at the track and obviously had a great time before leaving toward Beverly Hills.

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Though his lovebird, Selena Gomez, couldn’t make it and missed all that limos and racing stuff, she still found a great way to wish Justin a very happy birthday.


Selena shared a lovely birthday post on her Instagram. The young lady posted a picture of herself laughing and pointing to a photo of Bieber and captioned:

March 1, 1994, someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.

Happy birthday, Justin!

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Numerous fans on social media also couldn’t miss a chance to wish a very happy birthday to Justin Bieber. Selena’s fans joined them too.

Happy birthday, Justin! Cheers to another year of great achievements and conquering new peaks.


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