Justin Timberlake Has Just Celebrated His 37th Birthday, And He Seemed To Have Really Much Fun

Date February 1, 2018

Looking at this forever-young and handsome fellow, it’s hard to believe that Justin Timberlake has just celebrated his 37th birthday. He still looks like twenty and keeps on surprising his fans with new songs and awesome family photos. So, let’s find out how the superstar celebrated his birthday.


Justin Timberlake celebrated his 37th birthday

Justin Timberlake, a world-favorite singer and talented actor, celebrated his 37th birthday on January 31st, 2018. The star spent this great day together with his lovely wife, Jessica Biel, and their eight close friends. They had a festive dinner with oysters and champagne in one of Justin’s favorite restaurants.


Justin shared this cute video on his Instagram and captioned: “Still my birthday!! I’m having too much fun!” Well, it looks like Timberlake really had a great time on his birthday.

Happy birthday, Justin!

Justin’s wife, Jessica Biel, wished her loving husband a happy birthday with the sweetest note ever.


Biel thanked Timberlake for a spectacular year they had together. She added she’s really proud of Justin’s achievements and called him “a super hot dad". Jessica shared this lovely photo of them and captioned:

A picture says a thousand words. And thank goodness because there aren't enough to express ALL the aspects of my love and respect for you.

Recently, the stars celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. It seems these two lovebirds are doing just great on stage and in their family life.

We can’t stop wishing Justin Timberlake a happy birthday!

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A lot of celebrities and friends on social media congratulated the singer too:

We also wish Justin a happy birthday. He is a great singer, loving husband, and thoughtful father. Thank you, Justin, for your great songs and awesome performances!

Justin Timberlake