Jim Belushi And Jennifer Sloan Filed For Divorce After 20 Years Of Happy Marriage

Date March 6, 2018 11:54

World-famous actor, Jim Belushi, and his wife, Jennifer Sloan, have filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage. Sloan commented on the reason for their split.

It’s over for Jim Belushi and Jennifer Sloan

Sometimes, a marriage fails. Unfortunately, Jim Belushi passed through this sad experience for three times.

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The 63-year-old actor, best known for his roles in Twin Peaks, K-9, and the sitcom According to Jim, was married twice before he met Jennifer Sloan. The couple got married in 1998; they have two children together.

According to a report from TMZ, Sloan filed for divorce on March 5, 2018, after two decades of marriage. The woman called “irreconcilable differences” to be the main reason for their split.  Jennifer added it was not an easy decision for her to make as she and Jim have a long and happy relationship history, but she hopes they will stay in good terms for the sake of their kids.

Sloan is reportedly requesting spousal support and seeking joint legal custody of their daughter Jamison, 18, and son Jared, 16.

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The divorce news came just a few days after Belushi reported he is making his return to ABC. The actor signed up for the new series Salvage.

Jim didn’t comment on the split news yet. His two previous marriages reportedly failed for the similar reason, irreconcilable differences. Belushi has an adult son Robert with his first wife Sandra Davenport.


It’s always sad to hear when a beautiful and loving couple is getting divorced after so many years of happy marriage. We hope both Jim and Jennifer will keep on good terms even after their break.

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