Stormy Daniels Has A New Witness Who Can Prove She’s Telling The Truth About Her Affair With Donald Trump

Date April 25, 2018

‘Stormy Daniels vs. Donald Trump’ case suddenly got a new twist – there is a witness who can prove Daniels is telling the truth about her affair with Trump back in 2006.


Stormy Daniels has a new witness

If for some reason you’ve missed the explicit story about the alleged affair between President Trump and the former porn star, Stormy Daniels, then you must be living in a parallel world free from social media.

Just in case, we can remind that Daniels revealed to the public her love affair with Trump 12 years ago. The adult film star also got $130,000 payment from Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, for keeping silence about the story.

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Recently, Daniels made a sketch of the man who threatened her in 2006 and told her to forget Trump. Her lawyer announced a $ 100,000 reward to anyone who will recognize the man on Stormy’s sketch.

On Monday, Jessica Drake, a porn star and Daniels’ friend, told in an interview with Good Morning America that Stormy was telling the truth about her relationships with the current president in 2006.



Drake, whose real name is Angel Ryan, explained that she was with Daniels during one of her encounters with Trump at the golf event. Moreover, later Trump invited both women to spend the time with him in his hotel room.

Well, we were ushered into the room. And I remember Trump was wearing pajamas…

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Drake said she left Trump’s room but soon after, someone called her to offer $ 10, 000 if she comes back. Jessica refused.


Jessica also mentioned she knew about the strange man who threatened Stormy and her daughter in a parking lot. Daniels told her about the threat 7 years ago.

Most people may wonder why Drake kept silence about everything she knew until now. The actress explained “she is speaking up now to back up her friend Daniels.”


It seems Stormy Daniels’ case will keep on making the headlines for a long time. We wish Trump to be patient and stay strong amid the whole story.


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