Student Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself At A Party. Witnesses Say He Just Wanted ‘To Play With A Gun’

Date March 28, 2018

A new tragedy connected with shooting took place in Houston, Texas. A student accidentally shot himself playing with a gun at an off-campus party.


Student dies after accidentally shooting himself

How many lives should be taken until people will realize that weapon is not a toy? While the government works on a new gun control reform, and students join their forces during ‘March for Our Lives’ to protest violence, someone’s rashness can lead to a human death.

This tragedy took place at the Texas Southern University. On Saturday, Michael Gobert (friends called him Mikey) accidentally shot himself at the students’ party.

The witnesses explained that Gobert was on the phone playing with a gun when it accidentally discharged shooting him in the head. The young man died immediately.

The university released a statement to express condolences to the guy’s family.

We are mourning the loss of one of our students who was killed in an accidental shooting off campus. We are working with the family of Michael Gobert to assist them during this time.

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Mikey’s teachers and friends describe the young man as one of the most genuine and kind souls you could ever meet.

He never bit his tongue, and if he cared about you, he truly cared about you and would do anything for you.

Michael’s family has reportedly received a tremendous support from people wanting to send their condolences and contributions in any way possible.


Our condolences to the Gobert family. We are very sorry for your loss and want to remind everyone that gun is not a toy. Human life is the greatest treasure we have, so please, let’s appreciate it and be more careful.