Tom Brady Says His Mom Is Doing 'Really Well' After Breast Cancer Battle

Date March 21, 2018

American football star, Tom Brady, announced his mother won her battle with breast cancer after being diagnosed two years ago.

Tom Brady revealed some great news

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, had no time for a big football since his mother Galynn was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. In an recent interview with People magazine, Brady announced that after a lasting and complicated treatment, his mom has completely recovered.

She’s doing really well.

Brady added that any family that has dealt with cancer “realizes the challenge it is not only at that moment, but as it continues to be.”

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Gallyn also shared her cancer experience.  She recalled her visit to a doctor: “I remember sitting in the doctor’s office and them telling me, ‘You have breast cancer and it’s only stage two.’”  The woman says her path to recovery would not be possible without her family’s support.

Due to her condition, Tom’s mother was unable to attend most of his games during 2016 season. However, earlier this year, Brady shared a family Facebook photo from the Super Bowl, showing his mother all smiles.

The football star said he is very proud of his mother as she didn’t let cancer take over her.

She’s such a wonderful woman and she’s been so positive through it all and we’ve been so proud of her.

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The story of Tom Brady’s mother has a very happy ending. However, sometimes, a miracle just failed to happen. Dancing With the Stars pro, Cheryl Burke, announced her father’s demise a few weeks ago. Her dad passed away on March 9, on the eve of his 68th birthday.

Recently, Cheryl posted a sweet nostalgic photo in memory of her late father. The star captioned the throwback picture:

Every day I would tell you how much I love you. I miss you so much already.

Dealing with cancer or any other disease is always easier with love and support of our close people. The most important is to have faith and never give up hope.

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