World-Favorite Jennifer Aniston Has Just Celebrated Her 49th Birthday

Date February 12, 2018

Jennifer Aniston, who won people’s hearts as lovely Rachel Green in Friends, celebrated her 49th birthday.


Happy birthday, Jennifer!

It’s hard to imagine that ‘evergreen’ Jennifer Aniston has almost passed the five-decade line as she still looks attractive and full of joy just like twenty years ago.

On February 11th, 2018, Jennifer celebrated her 49th birthday. On this awesome day, we want to recall the main reasons why we love Jenn so much.

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Rachel Green

When the first episode of Friends appeared on screen more than twenty years ago, fans around the world couldn’t help admiring hilarious adventures of six best friends.


Rachel Green played by incredible Jennifer Aniston became a favorite sitcom character for millions of girls. We all have been involved in the beautiful and funny love story between Rachel and Ross. It was a great pleasure to watch Friends for all 10 seasons as it is definitely a masterpiece of comedy series.


Her marriage to Brad Pitt

No matter what, but Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were one of the most romantic and beautiful celebrity couples. Though their marriage failed, Jennifer and Brad proved that two people can have friendly relationships and respect one another even after divorce. It was a real pleasure to watch them together as a couple, and it’s great they both still care of each other.

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Her awesome sense of humor

Jennifer Aniston proves that a beautiful and successful woman can possess a good sense of humor and self-irony. Aniston is not ashamed to laugh at her own faults, and she knows how to stay positive in any life situation.

Jennifer Aniston, I love you like a friend who loves me more than she loves @Oprah. Happy birthday.

Допис, поширений Ellen (@theellenshow)

Her value of friendship

It’s not a secret that Jennifer Aniston makes friends with her former co-star, Courteney Cox. Both ladies never miss a chance to meet somewhere in the city for a cup of coffee.


In one of her interviews, Courteney confessed she couldn’t imagine her life without Jenn, as she is always ready to give a helping hand and share some useful advice.

Jenn is very thoughtful and devoted kind of person. She knows the value of real friendship.

Reese Witherspoon, who is also a good friend to Aniston, shared the sweetest post with congrats to the actress.

Numerous fans went on social media with the best wishes to their favorite star.

Happy birthday, #JenniferAniston!

Допис, поширений TODAY (@todayshow)

We also wish Aniston a very happy birthday. We love you, Jennifer! You’re an incredibly talented, kind, and thoughtful person. Thank you for your great roles.

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