David Beckham Had ‘Amazing Amazing’ Day With His Kids In Disneyland

Date April 17, 2018

David Beckham shared a series of adorable photos from his recent trip to Disneyland with kids. The famous dad described that family reunion with three words “AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING day.”

“AMAZING” day for the Beckham family

The Beckhams are definitely one of the most lovely celebrity families. Despite their busiest working schedules, public appearances, and other everyday ‘celebrity routine’, David and Victoria never neglect their responsibility of being good parents.

Last Sunday, David took his children to a dream place of every kid in the world – Disneyland. Have you been there? Oh, it’s awesome! The football star, his son Cruz, and daughter Harper had the best day ever and here is a photo proof.

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Scroll the images to see all their adventures.

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING day @disneyland ♥️

Допис, поширений David Beckham (@davidbeckham)

What people do first when they arrive at Disneyland? Of course, they buy a Mickey Mouse hat. David bought one too. How do you like the hot football star wring a cute ‘Mickey cap’?

Chih Hsuan Peng /

Chih Hsuan Peng /

What did they do next? They rode all the rides. David and his kids got some nerve riding one of the most extreme and dangerous attractions in Disneyland – Space Mountain. OMG! It’s really cool. Everyone, who’s been there, knows this Space Mountain is not for ‘chickens’.


And finally, a trip to Disneyland would be nothing without a bombshell night performance with fireworks, parade, music, and impressive show. Did you see it? Fortunately, the Beckhams captured everything on camera so we can enjoy a piece of this awesome night performance too.


It goes without saying that David Beckham and his children know how to party. Sometimes, it feels so good to forget about all the worries and everyday routine and have such “AMAZING” day with your family. Besides, if there is such place in the world where adults can behave like kids, then this is Disneyland.


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