Rod Stewart Surprised His Wife With A Romantic Trip To Paris To Celebrate Their 13th Wedding Anniversary

Date March 5, 2018

Paris is a perfect place to celebrate your love. Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster visited the most romantic city in the world just on their 13th wedding anniversary. It was indeed unforgettable experience for the happy couple.


Rod and Penny celebrated their anniversary in the city of love

Popular British singer, Rod Stewart, is a perfect example to follow for any husband. Recently, Rod surprised his lovely wife, Penny Lancaster, with a perfect gift. He arranged a romantic trip to Paris to celebrate their 13thwedding anniversary.

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Despite the cold weather, the happy couple seemed to enjoy their visit to the city of love. They visited the world-famous Eiffel Tower, which looks incredible in the evening with hundreds of lights.


Rod and Penny took a sweet picture of their kiss in front of the tower. Fortunately, Penny shared that heart-melting moment on her Instagram. The happy woman captioned the cute photo:

-2 in Paris tonight but my love will keep me warm as we celebrate our 13th anniversary of our engagement #eiffeltower (where Rod proposed). It was there before we were born, it will be there when we are gone.

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Rod and Penny look truly in love even after 13 years of marriage. The pair even renewed their vows on the 10th engagement anniversary. They did it as a family affair joined by their children.



Discussing this decision, Lancaster admitted the ceremony felt more special after a decade of marriage. In his turn, Stewart revealed the most beautiful thing a loving man could say about his wife. The singer said:

Penny is my whole world. What a girl. Love means many things to many people, but to me it's wanting to share everything with the one you love. I love Penny more now than ever, if that is at all possible.

This is so sweet! Thank you, Rod and Penny, for establishing our faith in love. Happy wedding anniversary!


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