SAG 2018 Honored Morgan Freeman With A Lifetime Achievement Award For His Contribution To The Industry

Date January 22, 2018 17:58

Screen Actors Guild Awards, or simply SAG, is one of the most significant award events in Hollywood after Oscar and Golden Globes. This year, the ceremony was marked by several bright moments. One of them is honoring of the eminent and much loved actor Morgan Freeman.


SAG Awards honored Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is one of the leading actors of the Hollywood A-list. He is ranked as the fourth highest box office star in the entertainment industry. Freeman appeared in a number of great films that all have been successfully commercial and made him a true star for several generations.


Representatives of the SAG Awards obviously share the public opinion and admiration about Freeman. During the 2018 ceremony, SAG honored Morgan with the Lifetime Achievement award.


Freeman really deserves this great trophy. During his successful and long-lasting acting career, Morgan has been in more than 80 films. He won an Oscar for his role in Million Dollar Baby. The actor has been also nominated for several Golden Globes.


When Morgan came on the scene to accept the award, he made a cute joke during his winner’s speech. He made a hilarious comment on the SAG statue:

I wasn't gonna do this, but I'm gonna tell you what's wrong with this statue. It works from the back. From the front, it's gender specific.

Well, Freeman is well-known for his exceptional sense of humor, and we love him for that.


Among other bright events at the ceremony was a memorial tribute to some of the great stars we’ve lost in the last year. The list of honored late artists includes David Cassidy, Bill Paxton, John Hurt, and others.

It’s a great honor to receive the Lifetime Achievement award, and Morgan Freeman definitely deserves it. His contribution to the entertainment industry is truly incredible. Our congratulations to Freeman. He is a great actor.


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