Jane Fonda Celebrates Her 80th Birthday And Opens Up About Her Milestones By This Time

Date December 22, 2017 13:35

At the first glance on the incredible Jane Fonda, it’s hard to believe this woman celebrated her 80th birthday on December 21st, 2017. But the actress says the age makes no difference to her as the most important is her lifetime achievements. In front of her anniversary, fabulous Jane Fonda opened up about her major milestones by this time.


Jane Fonda on her career

Fonda says she can’t imagine herself without her job. For her, it’s not even the matter of money but the way of self-expression. The actress has been working very hard her entire life, but even at her 80, she is not going to quit her favorite occupation.

I always need a steady job. Plus, it’s fun. 


On her beauty secrets

Jane Fonda proves that when you love yourself and share this love with others, you will always look amazing. But like any woman, Fonda has her own beauty hacks. She is a real fitness guru. The actress has even created her own fitness program and made video lessons of her training. Spa procedures is another integral part of Jane’s beauty routine. She says:

One day in Spa can make me feel like in heaven.


On falling in love

The actress has married three times, and each man, she’s been dated with, confessed it’s hard to resist falling in love with Jane. Fonda says when she is involved in romantic relationships, it makes her feel like she is twenty again.


On understanding intimacy

From an early age, Fonda got used to be on the public. She was constantly involved in her career and, later, in politics. The actress said she has never considered herself to be a perfect mother. But when she became a granny, Jane completely changed her attitude.

When my first grandchild was born, that’s when I understood intimacy. I feel lucky to be given that.


On her life just getting started

It seems like the time has no power over Jane Fonda. The star has a true passion for life. She says the main thing that helps her move on is her big desire to learn new things, meet new people, and never look back. In one of her interviews, Jane revealed:

If people say that I look young for my age, it's because I feel like I'm a newbie. I feel like I'm just beginning, just learning how to do things.


Fabulous Jane Fonda is a symbol of grace, intelligence, and beauty. Age has no power over her. Our congratulations to the star on her 80th anniversary.

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