Late David Cassidy Left His Daughter Katie Out Of His Will

Date December 8, 2017

A talented actor and great singer David Cassidy passed away in 2017 due to the organ failure. Family and fans still pay tribute to this prominent person for his significant contribution to the music and television industry. Recently, Cassidy’s legal representative opened up the last will of the late star, in which David mentioned he leaves all his property to his son.

David Cassidy

David Cassidy was best known for his iconic role in the popular TV series The Partridge Family. In fact, acting talent is a hereditary trait in this family: David’s brother Shaun is a successful singer and producer, while his daughter Katie is a famous actress.


David did not have simple relationships with his family members. In fact, after he divorced with his wife, their daughter Katie lived with her mother, and they didn’t have a chance to spend much time together. But despite all of this, Katie was deeply saddened by her loss.

Last will

According to the legal documents, David Cassidy left all his fortune to his son. It appears that in 2004, when the actor was making his will, he cut his daughter Katie out of it. The matter is that the father and daughter didn’t communicate at that time. David described their relationship in the following way:

I’ve always felt as a biological father, but not the real one.


Nevertheless, Katie and David managed to give a second chance to their relationship. The father and daughter began to spend time together during the last year. Katie was beside her father at the last minutes of his life. She shared a touching tribute in honor of him.


Perhaps, David just didn’t have time to change his will at the last moment. Anyway, what really matters for Katie Cassidy is that she was close with her late father during this last year and supported David at the most difficult moment of his life.

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