Prince William And Kate Middleton Visited The Children’s Event In Manchester


December 7, 2017 15:16 By Fabiosa

Members of the royal family have to attend a lot of official events due to their noble status, but the latest visit of Prince William and his wife to the children’s summit in Manchester was definitely the cutest thing they did recently.

Children’s summit

William and Kate attended a Global Media Summit in Manchester. The main goal of this event is to discuss the influence of the high technologies on the youngest minds. The summit’s representatives admitted they arranged this event in order to raise public attention to the role of digital innovations in the modern world. They added global media is developing with incredible speed, and younger generations need to walk in step with the technical progress.


William and Kate met with kids from several international delegations. Kate seemed very happy, and she was all smiles while talking to kids. They made photos together and discussed the problems that worry young people in the modern society.

The Duke of Cambridge gave up a powerful speech. Besides, he was deeply touched by the children’s disputes on the most burning topics.

The summit’s chairman admitted it was a big honor for all members to welcome the royal guests to the children’s event.

In fact, William and Kate adore all public occasions connected with kids. The royal parents attended their little Prince George’s school play in front of Christmas. The happy father said his 4-year-old boy was truly adorable on the stage. He was a sheep. We can say, little George was probably the cutest ‘sheep’ ever.


William and Kate have numerous responsibilities regarding their royal status, but it’s great that they always find time for their adorable kids.

Source: Source: theroyalfamily / Instagram

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