Donald Trump Jr. Shares A Sweet Family Photo To Celebrate One-Year Anniversary Of His Father’s Presidency

Date January 19, 2018

On January 20th, 2018, Donald Trump will celebrate his one-year anniversary since he officially took the responsibilities of the US president. His son made a little throwback to a year ago and shared an adorable photo of Trump signing his first order surrounded by his children and grandkids.


Historical moment for Donald Trump and his family


Donald Trump is obviously proud of his big family. He has a loving wife, five children, and eight grandchildren. Recently, he took the cutest photo together with his adorable granddaughter, Chloe. Just take a look how happy they are together.

As the US president, Trump has a very busy schedule, including numerous everyday meetings and official events. Fortunately, Donald’s family always stands by him and supports the country leader in his significant job.

Donald Trump Jr. decided to make a little throwback to one year ago and shared a heart-melting picture of the whole family. He captured the moment of Donald signing his first order as the US president. What a historical date! The whole family, including Trump’s grandkids, gathered together to share this moment with him.

A year ago this week, when @realdonaldtrump was sworn in as the 45 President of The United States. Here he is with his family singing his first orders and Tristan looks thrilled to be there.

The US president obviously loves spending time with his family and takes his responsibilities of a grandpa with pleasure. His grandchildren grow up so fast. Earlier these days, Trump Jr. took this photo to show how his little son is doing at school.

It’s great when all family members love and support each other in any life situation. A family bond is truly unique and special. Happy anniversary, Donald! One year as the US president - it’s already a huge achievement.

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