Ellen DeGeneres Pays Touching Tribute To Her Beloved Dad Who Passed Away At 92

Date January 12, 2018

A world-favorite TV host Ellen DeGeneres shared some sad news with her audience during the recent show. The star’s father passed away at the age of 92. Ellen paid a touching tribute to honor her late dad.


Ellen’s emotional tribute to honor her late father

The last days were really difficult for Ellen DeGeneres. During her latest show, our favorite host shared some tragic news. Her beloved father passed away this week. He was 92.

Ellen said she really missed her dad. He was a kind and very accepting person who never judge anyone. DeGeneres added she will always remember a life-changing advice he gave her.

Lived your life exactly how you want.


Ellen shared her child picture with her dad. They look so cute together.

DeGeneres also revealed their family vacation to the Warner Bros. Studio. It was the only vacation they had together. Ellen wrote on Twitter:

When I was a kid, my dad took us on one vacation to Warner Bros. Studios. He loved this business. He loved that I was in it.

The host-star had time to say goodbye to her loving father before he passed away.

Before he passed away I got to talk to him, so I got to say goodbye to him… he died 10 minutes later.

Fans in the audience shared their favorite TV star’s grief. You can watch Ellen’s heartbreaking tribute to her late dad in this video.

People of the world are sorry for Ellen’s loss. We hope the host-star’s family and friends will show her their support during this hard period.

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