Prince Harry Interviews Barack Obama For BBC Radio: It Is Full Of Funny Moments

Date December 18, 2017

Prince Harry has all chances to build a successful career on television. In the video posted by Kensington Palace, Harry is interviewing the former US president Barack Obama. Prince seems a little bit nervous at the very beginning, but after a while, these old good friends start making jokes, and it’s definitely worth watching.

Prince Harry interviews Barack Obama

Prince Harry and Barack Obama recently had a perfect reason to meet again. Harry was interviewing Barack for BBC Radio earlier these days.

The interview focuses on their mutual interest in building platforms for future generations of young leaders. Obama also shared his memories about his work as the US President and his life after quitting the White House.


But the best thing is not the interview itself but, actually, the moment when Harry and Barack make jokes and tease one another in their particular way.

As they just prepare for the interview, Obama asks Harry if he needs to speak faster as he is a slow speaker. Harry responds that if he starts using long pauses between answers, then he is probably going to get ‘the face’. At this moment, prince makes a very serious face, which you can watch in the video below.

Also, Obama asks whether he needs a British accent. In our own opinion, we will be glad to hear Barack speaking with the accent.

Do I need a British accent?

It goes without saying, these two old friends had a really great time during this interview. And we enjoyed it very much too. By the way, Barack and Michelle Obama were among the first people who congratulated Harry and Meghan Markle on their official engagement. They are also invited to the future royal wedding next spring.

We can listen to the full interview of Prince Harry and Barack Obama on December 27th. We already can’t wait to hear the full version and what about you?

Source: Source: kensingtonroyal / Instagram

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