Oprah Winfrey Is Going To Receive An Award For Her Incredible Impact On The World Of Entertainment

Date December 15, 2017

Oprah Winfrey is nominated to receive Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globe in January. The award is assigned to people who made the enormous contribution to the development of cultural and entertainment industry.


Oprah Winfrey and her milestone achievement

Who doesn’t know Oprah Winfrey? A popular TV show host, actress, writer, producer, and philanthropist. We can continue this list of Oprah’s achievements. The star is best known for her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, and she was named the richest African-American woman.

Oprah’s achievements on the screen are numerous: in her show, she is not afraid to discuss global problems which relate to politics, education, healthcare, and even sexual harassment. Winfrey symbolizes a role model for women around the globe.


She is known for her significant charity work and is always in the top of a list of celebrities who give the biggest donations to the victims of natural disasters, AIDS, patients with cancer, homeless children, and many more. She influences human minds by speaking about the problems that really matter for ordinary people. In her show, she helps young talents to open up to the whole world their different skills and develop professionally.


Oprah’s life-changing advice for the younger generation is not to be afraid of changes. The star says:

I truly believe that if this can work for me, it can work for anyone.

No doubt, Oprah Winfrey deserves to receive Cecil B. DeMille Award. Previous winners include Audrey Hepburn, Barbra Streisand, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, and other famous names.


All these world-known men and women were honored for their significant achievements to the field of entertainment. Thanks to this great people our world is getting a little bit better every day. Soon, Oprah Winfrey will join the winners and she admits she is truly honored with this milestone achievement.

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