Back To The Future: An Exclusive Donald Trump's Retro Interview Made By Oprah Winfrey In 1988

Date March 12, 2018

Recently, Donald Trump Jr. posted an exclusive retro video of Oprah interviewing his father, Donald Trump, back in 1988.


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The iconic figures

Today, Oprah is called “Queen of All Media,” as her The Oprah Winfrey Show historically was the highest-rated talk show ever. She is the richest African-American with the $2.8 billion net worth. She is also known for her charity work as Oprah is in the top of a list of celebrities who give the biggest donations.


Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States. He is one of the most successful businessmen and an extraordinary media personality. Trump is actively using Twitter. However, two-thirds of American citizens dislike such publicity.


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The 1988 interview with Oprah

Donald has always had his own opinion on every matter, so in his 1988 interview with Oprah, he shared his thoughts on the US foreign policy. Donald was defending interests of domestic business. He took Japan as an example of a government that protects its domestic product.

We let Japan come in and dump everything right into our market. It’s not free trade. If you ever go to Japan right now and try to sell something, forget about it, Oprah. It’s almost impossible.

He also pointed out the danger to the US that was coming from the countries like Japan.

I have tremendous respect for the Japanese people. I mean, you can respect somebody that is beating the hell out of you, but they are beating the hell out of this country [the US].

Oprah and Donald were famous even back then. However, could they imagine becoming such iconic personas? “The Queen of All Media” and the President of the United States have already left their footprints in the modern history of humanity for sure.


Watch the full Donald Trump's interview:

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