Possessive Wife Found Out About Husband's Cheating, Killed His Lover, And Committed Suicide


April 25, 2018 14:00 By Fabiosa

Unprecedented murder-suicide happened in Delaware County. The furious wife burst into her husband’s lover house and killed the woman who was claimed to ruin their relationship. The desperate murderer shot herself after dealing with the paramour.

Ordinary lives

Meredith Chapman and Jennair Gerardot used to have a lot in common. Similar education, successful careers, and even the same lover – Mark Gerardot.

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33-year-old Meredith had already tried herself in the Senate but gave up after the unsuccessful election, so she decided to continue her working practice at Villanova University.

Her position significantly improved recently, when she received a promotion and was named the assistant vice president. The flawless life was cut down when Jennair Gerardot, the wife of Meredith’s lover Mark, decided to revenge on the cheating couple and shot the unsuspecting woman.

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Terrible murders

Mark was sitting in the restaurant, waiting for Chapman for another romantic dinner. After the woman didn’t appear for a few hours, Mr. Gerardot went to her 3-story building that was already filled with police.

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The reason was terrifying: 47-year-old Jennair disguised herself with the help of a wig and another outfit, burst into Meredith house, and shot the poor woman in the kitchen. Then, Mrs. Gerardot, being fed up with the secret emails and constant lie, made away with herself as well.


Police officers concluded about the double murder due to the revealed extramarital relationship:

You had a man that was married, that was having an affair with this other woman. The wife knew about it and this was a calculated, planned attack.

Deceptive life

Life in disguise is quite common in modern times. Despite the horrible murder, the Gerardot family posted only positive photos together with their dogs. Nothing indicated about the ruined relationship, and now, the Internet users are discussing and mourning about the terrible tragedy.

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