UK Bookies Say Kate And William Could Be Having Another Boy

Date April 18, 2018 13:56

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made it clear that they are in no hurry to find out the gender of their baby. Whether it is a boy or girl, they promise to love the new royal, as they love their other children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


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However, they will make the big reveal as part of the birth announcement. The duchess is set to deliver at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. Parking restrictions have already been put in place, and extra security assigned.

The royal couple will announce the name of their new child two days after the birth, as British royal tradition demands.

Bookies say the odds favor a boy

Last week, Prince William may have committed a royal mistake when he suggested that his child would be named after Jack Grealish who plays for Aston Villa.

Bookies in the UK have been taking bets on the name of the new child with punters favoring a boy. However, some bookies suspended bets on Monday morning. Instead, all bets are now on the name.

Betfair shut down the market with a four-figure bet at 4/6 with odds in favor of the baby being a boy. As for names, Arthur seems to be the fan favorite. By Tuesday morning, odds were 5/1 in favor.

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Katie Baylis, Betfair spokesman, shared this information on bets for girl’s names: “For months it’s been a two-name race when it comes to the name of the Royal Baby, with Alice and Mary the favorites for some time."

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Irish bookie Paddy Power also has Arthur as their favorite with odds 5/1. It edged out Alice, which previously held the spot at 6/1. Albert, Frederick, James, Philip, and Henry are still very popular boy names in contention. Victoria, Alexandra, Diana, Elizabeth, and Grace top the list for girls.

None of these predictions are official. But do you think these predictions are likely to come true? And if so, what name are you betting on?

The baby has a title waiting for him or her

Unlike his or her parents, the new royal baby will have a particularly long title. If a boy, he will be His Royal Highness Prince NAME of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


If she is a girl, then her title will be Her Royal Highness Princess NAME of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

All things being equal, the new royal will still have a shorter and friendlier to pronounce title.

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