In Trump's Favor: Stormy Daniels' Mother Stays On Donald's Side In The Recent Hot Scandal

Date March 19, 2018

Sheila Gregory, the mother of scandalous porn star Stormy Daniels, has claimed to be on the Trump’s side. The recent situation about the alleged affairs between the president and the actress back in 2006 gains pace, and the media can’t be silent about it.


New facts

As Trump became the leader of the US, he didn’t need any extra bustle around him, so in 2016, his lawyer signed an NDA with the star and paid her $130,000. With the recent state of events, when new details are arising one after another, everybody wants to get themselves a bit of popularity. Keith Munyan, Stormy’s friend who was mentioned in the agreement, has also shared some details about the case.

First, he is ready to confirm the affair. Moreover, he claims that Donald would constantly terrorize Daniels with his calls, asking her to move to his habitats to New York or Tampa.


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Parents' thoughts

However, not all Stormy’s close ones are on her side. Sheila Gregory, the actress’ mother, has recently provided the interview where she confesses about not speaking to her daughter for 12 years, as Stormy denies all her attempts. The lawyer for Daniels says that is all untrue and claims about no contacts between his client and Mrs. Gregory. The strained affairs become even tougher when Sheila reveals her position in the famous argument:

If Mr. Trump runs four more times, I would vote for him every time.


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Stormy’s parents got divorced when she was a little child, and Daniels stayed with her mother. Bill Gregory, her biological father, told to spend with the kid too little time to influence her upbringing and is now very worried about her state:

You start rattling the cage of powerful people, and you don't know what might happen.


Solid decision

Stormy Daniels is not afraid though. Despite the lack of support from her parents’ side, she is confident to bring the truth to people. Her intentions become even more solid when she claims to return $130,000 only to speak to the public about what is currently hidden.


We are waiting for the development of the scandal and will inform you about the further details as soon as they appear.

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