Kardashian-West Unity: Kim Respects Kanye In His Strong Passion For The American President

Date April 26, 2018 15:29

Kim Kardashian mentioned about Kanye’s mental health on her Twitter after another supportive tweet towards Trump. The rapper is a huge fan of America’s 45th president and is not going to give up his political views.


Kanye's appeal

Kanye West is a progressive person who never stops being devoted to Trump. His constant tweets about Donald, his policy, and even personal responses fluid the social account day after day.

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One of his most recent posts stated about the president’s dragon energy. He also mentioned that even though some people were judgmental of his political views, West didn’t ask them to love him in the same way as he was not supposed to love everything anyone did.

Wife's response

Some of the comments under West’s posts about Trump are really abusing. However, Kanye doesn’t care about such opinions; the most important for him that his most beloved woman is always ready to support him anytime.

Kim Kardashian used her Twitter account to defend Kanye and justify his choice, mentioning about his vulnerable mental health. Her supportive arguments towards the rapper are also gathering thousands of comments where people constantly argue on the topic of presidency.

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Supportive couple

The Kardashian-West is one of the strongest and supportive families in the entire Hollywood. They are cute in real life and act as a unity online.

The fact of such similar thinking deserves recognition, so we hope the adorable couple will continue cheering us up with all sorts of amusing social media posts.


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