Jimmy Kimmel Shared His Feelings After Conducting His First Colonoscopy Suggested By Katie Couric

Date March 30, 2018 11:32

Jimmy Kimmel did something that all people should do as soon as they turn 50. The reality show TV host shared his feelings after colonoscopy – the medical procedure that is intended to analyze the condition of the intestines as well as examine the disease, most common in such age: colon cancer.


Story of the boy

One of the most influential hosts in the celebrity world has never set the Thames on fire. Jimmy was an ordinary little boy who once traveled to Hollywood dreaming about receiving his star on the Walk of Fame. With the help of his incredible charisma and a keen sense of humor, Jimmy made it to the top, fulfilling his desire and achieving even more.

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Regardless of how popular he is, there are still some mundane affairs to be completed timely.

Feelings after the surgery

As soon as Jimmy turned 50, his close friend Katie Couric immediately asked him to perform colonoscopy – the medical procedure to detect colon cancer that is the disease that the journalist’s husband died from.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Instead of performing the inspection privately, Jimmy decided to film everything and make it a part of his show to increase the awareness of the issue among the public.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

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In short, Jimmy is proud of his clean colon, meaning that he has no prolapse and no risk of developing cancer. However, Couric found a few interesting things during the colonoscopy, some of which reminded Jimmy of his childhood mischief.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

He is grateful to Katie for her motivation to perform the procedure, as he is now totally sure about the absence of the disease.

His son's condition

Apart from his health, Jimmy was deeply concerned about his son’s condition. Little William had to undergo an open-heart surgery to fix the hole in his heart three days after his birth.

Later, he had to live through another operation and is said to wait for the third one. The Kimmels are thankful to Obamacare for their help that was necessary to save his son’s life.

It is great that celebrities clearly show the urgent issues of nowadays society on personal examples. Hopefully, the awareness of colon cancer is quite enough to encourage the middle-aged people to conduct such a necessary medical procedure for examination of the possible disease.

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