Third Baby Of Prince William And Kate Middleton Has Already Got The Official Royal Title

Date April 2, 2018 13:17

After receiving a supposed name, the third baby of Prince William and Kate Middleton is about to get its official royal title. According to the traditions, the rank will sound quite long, however, for the everyday life, the kid will receive a fancy short title.


Possible names

The recent poll conducted to define the possible name of a child concluded that William and Kate might name their third baby Mary.

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The other female names that were popular during the survey were Alice, Victoria, and Diana. Mary wasn’t chosen without reason. The Queen’s third official name is the same, so it looks like a tribute to the great-grandmother. However, it means little now as the gender of the kid has not been revealed yet.

New baby's title

Unlike the name, what is known now for sure is the baby’s status. According to the British traditions, the official kid’s title will be long, regardless of how stylish the parents want it to be.


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Therefore, the third baby will hold the following rank: His Royal Highness Prince NAME of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or Her Royal Highness Princess NAME of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Apart from that, as the parents are both Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, consequently, the kid will be entitled either His Royal Highness Prince or Her Royal Highness Princess of Cambridge.

Clinic preparation

The maternity clinic, where Kate will give birth to the prince or princess, is also preparing thoroughly to meet the royal family.

Lindo Wing was noticed to have its fence painted and the front entrance cleaned. The countdown is already on its finish line, so we are patiently waiting for the baby to appear in this world safe and sound.


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