First Public Appearance Of Swedish Princess: Madeleine Looks Fabulous After Giving Birth To Adrienne

Date April 13, 2018

Princess Madeleine of Sweden made her first public appearance after giving birth to her third child on March 9. She took part in the Childhood’s International Council Meeting and was cheerful and happy to be a part of such event.

Happy family

The royal baby spring continues fascinating us with the new kids being born one after another. While the Duchess of Cambridge is preparing to welcome her third child, Princess Madeleine has already recovered from her labor happening on March 9.

Princess Adrienne of Sweden, the Duchess of Blekinge, was born 3,4kg at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm. Both mother and baby went through the labor without any problems.

Leonore and Nicolas welcoming their little sister home ❤️

Публикация от Princess Madeleine of Sweden (@princess_madeleine_of_sweden)

Public appearance

Moreover, Madeleine has already returned to her direct obligations and made her first public visit after Adrienne’s birth. On April 10, the Sweden Princess took part in Childhoods International Council Meeting.

The event was intended to discuss the major problems in the childcare sphere. Madeleine participated in the World Childhood Foundation International Council Meeting alongside her mother, Queen Silvia, who is known to be a founder of the organization in 1999.

Upcoming christening

Princess Adrienne is said to be baptized on June 8, and her family has already intrigued her fans with the possible gorgeous outfit.

Madeleine shared a post, signing it with a bit of intrigue not to unveil the surprise of the daughter’s clothes during the ceremony.

We are all patiently waiting for the date of christening and hope the happy family will continue cheering us with other enjoyable photos.

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