TIME Shared The Latest Cover Of Their Magazine: It Seems That Trump's Office Can't Deal With The Storm


April 13, 2018 17:56 By Fabiosa

While the spring is already here, Trump’s office still seems to be suffering from the storm. The new ironic cover by TIME wouldn’t be so hilarious unless the recent Donald’s scandal involved adult films star Stormy Daniels.


Edge of battle

Popularity is a seductive means of influence. However, if you use it properly, the consequences may be utterly successful. Stormy Daniels can give you a recipe on how to serve such meal cold, as her latest scandal, involving romantic affairs with Donald Trump, is now the most discussed news in America.


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Her polygraph test, explicit interview, and numerous friends’ statements continuously add fuel to the fire.

And the reason for this might be Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. He was the one to make an NDA with the porn star to keep silent about the affairs and reportedly paid her $130,000. Now, the troubles might have arisen because of Cohen.


Stormy cover

As the name of Trump’s former lawyer was involved in the scandals featuring not only Stormy but also Playboy actress Karen McDougal, the recent raids to Cohen’s house and a hotel room in New York were only the matter of time. And the TIME reacted. The latest cover of the popular magazine illustrates Trump sitting in the office that is suffering from the storm.

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The only other inscription that is on the picture speaks volumes – Stormy. The ironic cover was prepared by Tim O’Brien for TIME.

People's reaction

People’s reaction wasn’t long in coming. The news about new cover traveled around the Internet within a few hours. Users were rich for comments.

Well, it seems that Michael Cohen didn’t manage to keep with the storm, so now, it is time for Trump himself to break a sweat to solve the problem.


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