'Walk Of America' Royal Patron: Prince Harry Provided A Tribute To The US Veterans By Starting The American March In London

Date April 10, 2018 10:35

On April 11, Prince Harry formally launched the expedition during the exclusive event devoted to armed forces. Walk of America began its march on Wednesday in London.


Royal serviceman

Prince Harry is known for his military actions on the Afghanistan frontline when he was 23 years old. The information that the future husband of Meghan Markle performed the duties of a forward air controller in the province of Helmand was disclosed in 2008 and definitely impressed the world.


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Harry himself remembers those times with honor, and his comrades will stay with the Prince forever.

Event's Patron

This year, the group of American veterans is going to set on the walk from the west to the east coast of the US. They will cross America in 14 weeks and will make a way of 1,000 miles. The team will consist of six US veterans who are willing to encourage society to talk about the mental health of their comrades.

The event was also intended to reminisce the old stories of the team’s participants as well as their injured and deceased partners.


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The charity walk has already got its influential patron – Prince Harry – who was willing to begin the march by himself in London, on April 11.

Twitter's reaction

Harry’s fans are glad to hear he has a heart of gold. They filled the Kensington Palace post with numerous comments addressing the prince as a brave man to respect its past.


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