Princess Anne Appears Before The Commonwealth Leaders In A New Stunning Turquoise Outfit

Date April 20, 2018

Princess Anne never stops impressing the royal family fans with her amazing outfits. This time, during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting London 2018, her clothes choice featured glamorous dark turquoise-colored skirt, short-sleeved blouse, and patterned scarf to finish the image.


Most hard-working family member

The second child of Elizabeth II is known to be the most hard-working royal family member. During 2017, Anne visited 540 engagements locally and internationally. Even though the number is incredible, it also includes such events as charity evenings, various concerts, banquets, different opening ceremonies, and other prominent activities.


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Moreover, each of her outfits was unique and suited appropriately to every occasion where Anne appeared.

New event and new look

April 18 was not an exclusion. During the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting London 2018, Princess Anne met the Prime Minister of Tonga, the Prime Ministers of Saint Christopher and Nevis, Swaziland and Nauru for official conversations.

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The event took place at Buckingham Palace where Anne was ready to present her new stylish outfit.

The first thing that may catch your attention is a long dark turquoise-colored skirt. The distinctive pattern decorates the dress throughout its entire length. White blouse also features the similar pattern, and the short scarf finishes the image, repeating the same drawing. The princess looks fresh but at the same time official. Little jewelry adds even more elegance to the fashionable look.


Perpetuated style

Even though every new event is accompanied with a particular outfit, Anne never betrays her style. Moreover, sometimes, she even wears the same clothes she used to put on years ago.


It doesn’t embarrass the princess, as she lives for herself and has the right to choose how to introduce herself and what to wear.


Anne is magnificent. Her fashionable look inspires millions of women around the world. And we hope she will not stop impressing us with even more stunning outfits in the future.


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