Jimmy Kimmel’s Son “Found Jesus” On Easter

Date April 2, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel’s 1-year-old son Billy is a real fighter, as he underwent two heart surgeries while being a baby. Of course, it was an extremely challenging period for the whole family. During one of the interviews, Jimmy has even revealed he didn’t want to get too close to his son.


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Billy was born with a congenital heart condition. In April 2017, the boy underwent a surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, and in December, Billy had his second heart surgery.

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In the beginning, Jimmy didn’t tell his wife Molly that he was afraid to get too close. But later, it turned out she had the same feeling.

I think subconsciously, we didn’t want to get too close to the baby because we didn’t know what was going to happen.

Billy is now recovering and is feeling much better. He is such a strong boy.

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Jimmy Kimmel has recently posted a photo of Billy with his Easter present. He wrote in caption “Billy found Jesus (in a plastic egg) Happy Easter and Passover too.” That is indeed a good sign. The faith in Jesus didn’t let Jimmy and his wife give up, and they managed to save their son.


Jimmy shares a lot of his daughter Jane updates on social media too. Recently, during the show, he revealed that when Molly was pregnant, Jane started to imitate her mom, repeating some of her actions during the pregnancy period.

On one of the pictures she was spotted bent over her potty and pretending to puke.

What an inspiring family they are!

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