Donald Trump Did Not Congratulate The Royal Family. Is This A Revenge For Not Receiving The Wedding Invitation?

Date April 25, 2018

The whole world is now celebrating the big event – a new baby was born in the royal family. Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their third child on April 23rd. Several hours after labor, Kate was already welcoming the public and showing her son. She is such a strong woman.

Of course, the royal family got plenty of congratulations and best wishes from different people. A lot of celebrities and political leaders made special posts on social media writing how happy they are for Kate and William.

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But it turned out not everybody got a chance to congratulate parents-of-three. For example, Donald Trump: the happy parents didn’t get any wishes from the US president.


Maybe, it is a revenge for not being invited to the royal wedding? He was not included in the guest list, because the couple decided not to invite the political leaders.

Everything seems to be much easier with Obamas. Michelle made a sweet post on her Twitter account, congratulating the couple and hoping they will meet for a pajama party soon.


Despite the fact that Donald Trump didn’t congratulate Kate and William, we hope they have already got plenty of warm wishes from many people.

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