Talinda Bennington Asks Well-Meaning Fans Of Her Husband Not To Come To The House Where The Tragedy Happened

Date January 24, 2018

Losing people is hard, especially when it’s out of the blue. And the memories they leave behind are precious. First, because they keep reminding us about the great time we had together. Second, they give us hope that everything wasn’t in vain.

Chester Bennington as he was

Chester Bennington was one of those people who inspired others. His immense source of energy was enough for entire concert halls and stadiums, and the respect he had for everyone will never be forgotten.

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Chester left us on July 20, 2017 It was a huge shock for the entire world. But the singer will always remain in our hearts as an example of a decent person.

He was a great father to his four sons and two daughters. His family was always number one for him, no matter what other obligations he had.

Chester was a fascinating friend, who apparently couldn’t come to terms with the death of his best friend, Chris Cornell.

Apart from that, Chester was just a great person and a responsible citizen. He took part in all kinds of works for the benefit of his nation and community. After the Manchester bombing, he spoke out loud against cruelty in the world.

The life of his family after…

Now, his family is trying hard to live without him. His grieving fans are coming to his house in Los Angeles to pay tribute to their bellowed singer. That is the reason Bennington's wife, Talinda, wrote a series of Twitter posts asking them to go to the memorial for her late husband to Warner Bros Records.

She wrote that together with her family, they had moved to a new home. And now, the fans who come to the house where the tragedy had happened disturb the tenants living there.

Talinda’s campaign against depression

Depression has no face. It’s a key message the wife of Chester Bennington wanted to share with the world in her most personal message ever. She posted the last video of Chester playing with son. It was made 36 hours before his death. He was a pretty happy person there, all smiling and content.

And here's a Twitter post of Talinda to her late husband:

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Little did everyone know what was happening in his mind. So let’s cherish those people around us. We have the power to make them feel better when they are still here with us before it’s too late.

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