Mother Of Three Was Arrested For A Murder Attempt: She Intentionally Set A Car On Fire With Her Kids Inside

Date April 23, 2018

A mother of three was arrested for trying to kill her children and herself. The woman set her car on fire with three kids inside.

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Terrifying murder attempt

Nothing is more wonderful and miraculous than welcoming a new life to the world. Giving birth to a child is the best blessing on Earth! So how does it come that some people do not appreciate such blessing at all?

Some people definitely do not deserve the right to become parents. And apparently, common sense is not all that common anymore. When you hear this horrifying story, you’ll probably understand what we meant to say.


A Houston woman made an attempt to take her own life. But the worse thing is that she decided to take her three children’s lives too.

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According to Houston Police report, the woman set her car on fire with her kids aged 9, 11, and 13 locked inside. The witnesses claimed that the mother revved up the engine of the vehicle until it caught fire.

Fortunately, some of the witnesses stopped the woman’s murder attempt. She was eventually caught by police who arrived at the crime scene. The kids didn’t get hurt. They were taken to a hospital to make sure there was no damage to their health.

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As for their mother, she confessed she wanted to go to heaven to see Jesus and take her kids with her. At the moment, the investigation is still in progress to check the mental health of the suspect.

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Some people probably don’t deserve to have the blessing of a child. We just hope that this case will teach adults to take responsibility for being parents very seriously. A kid’s life is not a toy. Fortunately, this story had a happy ending and the kids were unharmed.