New Cute Snap Of Donald Trump Playing Golf Together With His Grandson Tristan

Date April 13, 2018

Donald Trump loves spending time with his grandchildren more than anything else, being the president and twitting about it. No wonder, because what makes every grandpa happy if not his grandkids? Recently, Mr. Trump posted another snap of him, but this time, with Tristan.


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Big family

Donald Trump gathered the whole family in the White House for Easter. Everybody was there: his beloved daughter Ivanka, Trump Jr., and even Tiffany who stayed in the shadows for a long time. And of course, the grandkids also enjoy the party in the family circle.

Happy grandpa

These photos can’t lie. The grandpa looks truly happy only when he’s with his grandchildren. Some may argue that Donald Trump is not quite good at all of the presidential stuff, we are sure that he’s is great at being a grandfather. Here's Donald on cloud 9 with his granddaughter, little Kai.

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Tristan playing golf with Donald

A new photo of POTUS appeared on his official Instagram. This time, he was pictured with little Tristan, or how Donald calls him “T-man.” The photo says that when Tristan heard that grandpa was around, he dropped everything to make sure he could say 'hi'.

Little Luke

Donald Trump’s family is really big, but the president seems to remember and love equally everyone. The only exception is Ivanka, of course. She is undoubtedly his favorite child. Also, Trump posted a cute video of his youngest grandchild, Luke, Erik Trump’s son, jumping in a baby bouncer.


We wish the grandpa strong health to continue spending his time with the beautiful family.

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Donald Trump