Tiffany Trump Spends More Time With Her Family After She Broke Up With Ross Mechanic

Date April 9, 2018

We all know that Mr. Donald Trump’s favorite child is his daughter Ivanka. Apparently, we get to see more of her other daughter from now on because of the recent break up with Ross Mechanic.



Tiffany + Ross

Tiffany and Ross began dating in 2015. The two attended the University of Pennsylvania together at that time. Mechanic was also raised in a wealthy family, so the couple was on the same page.

They have been dating for more than 2 years, and everything went with the flow. It was until the graduation.

Tiffany decided to move to Washington D.C. to attend Georgetown University. Apparently, that pushed the relationship to the end.

Tiffany is now closer to her family

According to The Daily Mail, Ross didn’t waste his time and found another girl to replace Tiffany. He posted a photo kissing his new girlfriend. Unfortunately, his Instagram page later became private.

After the break-up and the move to Washington D.C., Tiffany started spending more time with her family.


There have been a lot of new photos of Tiffany together with the Trump family on social media lately.

Support from the family

Recently, Tiffany celebrated Easter with her dad and the whole family and seemed pretty happy.

She even wrestled a bit with her nephews. Some people were joking about women’s abuse in the comments.

It totally feels like the family supports Tiffany, and that’s the most important thing after all.

We hope spending more time with the family, moving to a new city, and making new friends will help Tiffany get over her past relationship and simply enjoy her life.