Amy Roloff Shares New Adorable Photos Of Her Sweet Grandchildren

Date March 15, 2018

Amy Roloff has a quite big and happy family. She became grandmother recently, and it made her the happiest person in the world. Amy loves spending time with her family and posting photos of their meetings on Instagram.

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New photos of grandkids

The reality star, Amy, is now 53 years old and a proud grandmother. She posted a new snap of her really adorable grandchildren Jackson and Ember on Instagram followed by a caption:

Cousins! Love my grandkids Jackson and Ember forever and always. They have my heart. So fun having them over on Sunday. Woohoo! #mygrandkids #cousinlove #amyssecondactcontinues

Amy calls such moments ‘happy granny time', and is certainly looking forward to more of those. She absolutely loves watching them grow up and experience life.

Recent family occasions

The Little People, Big World star was attacked by Internet users after posting a photo with her new boyfriend, Chris Marek. On Super Bowl Sunday, fans accused Amy of sleeping with another man without ‘a ring on the finger'. Although Amy and Matt Roloff are officially divorced, they live under the same roof.

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Fortunately, Amy is very active on social media, so we get to see all the great and happy moments that she wants to share. A few days ago, she made a post full of love to her daughter-in-law Isabel.

We wish Amy Roloff more of those beautiful family moments and thank her for sharing her positive emotions with us!

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