Family Went Missing: 4 Found Dead Without Any Signs Of Violence, But Now, Police Know Why

Date March 26, 2018

An awful tragedy happened on March 23. The Sharp family from Iowa was found dead in their condominium.

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What happened?

The family of four from Creston, Iowa went on a trip to Tulum, Mexico. Kevin Sharp, 41, Amy Sharp, 38, Sterling Sharp, 12, and Arianna Sharp, 7, reported missing by relatives shortly after they left for the vacation. Later, they were found dead on March 23 in the condo they rented. Police state that the family members showed ‘no sign of any traumatic injury.’

Cause of death

It is also reported that ‘no any violent act or suicide has been discounted.’ The Quintana Roo prosecutors’ office stated that the family members had been dead for approximately 40 hours by the time they were found by local authorities during a welfare check.

The cause of death was asphyxiation from inhaling toxic gases. The locals think that the family tried to use the stove which they thought didn’t work, thus accidentally not turning the gas off.

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We are praying for the family and send their relatives our sincere condolences. This terrible tragedy should have been avoided.


Tips on room safety

We should never ignore hotel room safety. The Sharp’s awful story reminds us of the importance of hotel safety rules. Here are some tips for you to remember:

  1. Don’t leave your baggage, and ask for a room that’s not on a ground floor. This will minimize the risk of robbery.
  2. Remember that your room number should be completely private. That also applies to pin-codes and other personal information.
  3. Make sure that the door locker in your room isn’t broken. Check the room: look in the closet, behind curtains, and in the shower before closing the door.
  4. Fully check all electric devices and a stove. Immediately notify authorities if something is not working properly.
  5. Lock your important stuff in the room safe. Never leave your passport behind.
  6. If you lose your room key, immediately report to the administration and ask for another room. It may be stolen but not necessarily 'lost'.

Sompetch Kanakornpratip /

We hope you’ll find these tips helpful and wish you a lot of wonderful and unforgettable vacations without any unpleasant accidents.

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