Nikolas Cruz, Parkland School Shooter, Gets 'Piles' Of Fan Letters


April 3, 2018 09:52 By Fabiosa

Nicolas Cruz is jailed and waiting for his sentence to be determined. Meanwhile, the infamous shooter happened to become actually famous. He gets dozens of ‘fan letters’ from all over the country. Could you believe that?


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What pushed him over the edge?

After the horrible and unthinkable massacre that Nicolas Cruz, 19, committed on February 14th where 17 people lost their lives, the most thorough investigation took place. We know now more than at the time of the tragedy. In addition to many facts, we know Cruz’s alleged motive.

Although he had a not very positive history, and people have always considered him a bit weird, Nicolas Cruz lost his mother recently. Lynda Cruz adopted Nicolas and Zachary when they were little boys. Reportedly, the adoptive mother and the shooter were really close, so her death could’ve been too tough for Nicolas to handle.


Furthermore, it was reported that not only depression but also bullying could be the determining factor for Cruz to commit the crime.

Fan letters

Nicolas Cruz would probably be surprised to see ‘piles’ of letters sent by his fans. He is not allowed to read them, and he doesn’t know about their existence.


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On March 15, an 18-year-old boy sent a letter which told:

I'm 18-years-old. I'm a senior in high school. When I saw your picture on the television, something attracted me to you. Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome.

There have been dozens of letters from people supporting the shooter, and even more from women and girls who find Nicolas ‘beautiful.’ Some of the women even attached suggestive photos to their letters.


Moreover, some people add funds (about $800), which imprisoned Nicolas can spend to buy snacks, personal hygiene products, and more.

Sentence: death or life in prison

It is yet to be determined whether Nicolas Cruz deserves to live or to die. Prosecutors, however, insist on the ultimate punishment for the Parkland shooter. The other option for Nicolas is life in prison without a chance to be released.

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