Kylie Jenner, Mother Of 2-Month-Old Stormi, Shows Off Her New Sparkly Manicure

Date April 13, 2018

As Kylie Jenner became a mother, many people start questioning if she is going to be a good parent? To be more specific, is she going to be a responsible one? Kylie is 20 years old, and most likely, she knows absolutely nothing about raising a child. She posted a new video of her manicure, which can be quite dangerous for her baby.

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Long nails are dangerous!

The researches show the connection between deaths of newborn babies and long nails, which are a perfect place for bacteria to live and reproduce. Newborns have low immunological protection, which makes them very vulnerable to the bacteria.

The other risk factor is pretty obvious. The mommy can scratch or traumatize her daughter with such long nails. However, the chances are high that all the “dirty” work is done by the hired nurses.

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New manicure

It seems that Kylie doesn’t want to choose between her fancy nails and Stormi’s safety. She posted a video of her new manicure. To be honest, her sparkly shining nails look absolutely amazing. However, maybe, she needs to be a good mother and think about her child first?

Will Stormi follow in her mother's footsteps?

In most cases, children inherit not only parents’ genes but also their traits, way of thinking, and even lifestyle. Will Stormi be such a fashionista like her mother? Kylie recently took a snap of the two strolling. Just look at this fancy stroller!

We are sure that Kylie’s family will help her at parenting, so with any doubts, Stormi is in good hands!

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Kylie Jenner Storm Manicure