New Cute Photo Of Donald Trump With His Beloved Granddaughter Kai

Date April 11, 2018

Whatever one may say about Mr. Donald Trump, it is an undeniable fact that he loves his children and, of course, grandchildren. Surely, grandpa is really busy with all that presidential stuff, but he always will find some time to spend with his beloved grandchildren.


Grandpa's qualities

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka admits that he is not that experienced of a grandfather:

He wouldn’t know what to do if she was crying or needed a diaper change, although I think he’d figure it out.


However, she defended Donald and praised his other qualities, saying that her father always was there for her. And like Donald’s children, his grandkids are welcomed in the White House, where they can play or watch their grandpa’s working.

Family holidays

Donald had a great time with his family on Easter Sunday. Everybody was present at the event. Judging from the photos, Donald was indeed the happiest grandpa that day.

Recently, his son Donald Trump Jr. posted a new snap from the weekend with the family. In the photo, we see the blissful president with his granddaughter Kai. Aren’t they cute?

Little Kai with braces and wearing white dress is feeling happy, while her grandfather seems to be so proud and delighted. Such family events reveal his other side: lovable and joyful grandpa!

Donald is obviously proud of his family. We can understand him floating on cloud 9!

Donald Trump