While Teaching Gun Safety, Pedagogue Accidentally Shots His Gun And Injures 3 Students

Date March 20, 2018

An accident happened at Seaside High School, California on Tuesday, where three students got injured, and fortunately, no one died.

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How it happened

Dennis Alexander, a teacher in Seaside High School and a reserve cop from Sand City Police, accidentally shot when he wanted to check if the gun wasn’t loaded. It was an Administration of Justice class, where Mr. Alexander teaches children that wish to become police officers upon graduating.

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Luckily, the teacher's gun was pointed at the ceiling at the moment of the shot. Otherwise, it could’ve gone really bad. A fragment of the bullet ricocheted off the ceiling and stuck in the neck of one of the students, Fermin Gonzales, 17. Two other students suffered minor injuries.

Fermin’s father just couldn’t believe what he had heard on the phone:

I couldn’t believe it. It’s just so crazy that the teacher teaching them about gun safety shoots one off and hits the ceiling.


An accident that could've ended really bad

Alexander, reportedly, apologized for the accident. He was suspended from classes and police department during the investigation. The main question that bothers everyone is ‘why the gun was loaded in the first place’?

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Many students, however, are defending Mr. Alexander saying that he is a great teacher and does not deserve to be fired from any of his jobs.

Please take moment to look back on all the things he has done for this school. - Sydney Johnson

Mr. Alexander is a great teacher and police officer. He cares deeply about the safety in our community and our students, which is why I'm shocked about the incident. But accidents happen no matter your skill level. - Sabrina Gopar

Armed teachers

It wasn’t the first time a gun goes off from teacher’s hands. Recently, a resource officer accidentally discharged his weapon at a middle school in Alexandria, Virginia. Fortunately, no one was hurt as well.


Donald Trump’s position regarding gun law is very questionable, especially after these two incidents. Earlier, he proposed an idea of arming teachers in schools to let them act immediately in case of dangerous situations.

Many people are so against this idea:

What do you think about this? Should teachers be allowed to carry guns at schools?

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