Compilation Of The Most Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For This Holiday Season

Date December 28, 2017

Christmas is a time for sharing. A lot of people look forward to it because they expect presents from family and loved ones.

Today we share these delightful pictures by some people who made special gifts for their relatives.

"My dad made this for my mom. It was her brother's last painting before he passed away 37 years ago..."

Kurenaiii / Reddit

"My brother had my parents buy each other bobbleheads of themselves without the other knowing."

fab- / Reddit

"Every Christmas my mom goes out and hands out a bunch of envelopes with $20 cash in them to random strangers in our town."

notaboutcommenting / Reddit

"Best Christmas Gift I've Ever Received."

habstraktgatts / Reddit

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"My step-mom made us an incredible king-size quilt by hand for Christmas."

dd0626 / Reddit

"My husband's favorite Christmas gift this year, beard baubles."

rlkordas / Reddit

"Best gift I've ever gotten... Lucky Charms Marshmellows!"

Sethman29 / Reddit

"My Christmas Eve present."

1635491gart / Reddit

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"First time in my life not living paycheck to paycheck. Got my parents an early Christmas present. They deserve much more, but it's a start."

Elizerdbreath / Reddit

"My twin cried happy tears after we surprised her with an early Christmas present along with breath of the wild after a really tough year."

sjohnkel / Reddit

"Restored my Dad's 50-year-old hammer as a Christmas present."

turb0man / Imgur

"Got an early Christmas present yesterday!"

Lesterjc / Reddit

"So my husband and I bought each other the same Christmas present this year..."

jingle_hore / Reddit

Did you get anything nice this Christmas? And did you give a present to someone special? Share the love of the season. It is the little gestures that count. Happy holidays.

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