Blanca Blanco And Arielle Kebbel's Fabulous Dresses Got Very Different Reactions At The Golden Globes

Date January 10, 2018

There has been a lot of shade in the news with sexual harassment claims flying left, right, and center. Now, more than ever before, women in Hollywood have found a reason to band together for a good cause. And the Golden Globes was the perfect setting for it.


Following the call of more than 300 women in the entertainment industry, it was decided that all attendees at this year’s awards would wear black as a far-from-subtle protest against sexual harassment in Hollywood.


And it was not just the women who showed up in black. Even their male colleagues joined the train. Sexual harassment is a subject that affects both sides of the divide and men are not spared. Some famous male A-listers have also called out others for sexual misconduct.


Two of a kind

There was a flurry of designer dresses on the red carpet, but two stood out in particular. The first was worn by actor Arielle Kebbel. The hot number was a super-reflective black piece, semi-see-through, and single sleeved.

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Completing the cut was a diagonal slit, stretching from collarbone to just above the navel.

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The second outfit was pretty similar, albeit more daring. Actor Blanca Blanco showed up in a burning red dress. Like Arielle, the dress had only one sleeve (which was more like half a sleeve).

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But the cuts were even more daring. Blanco’s gown was cut much wider down the middle, with the diagonal almost reaching her waist. The slit showed much more thigh when compared to Arielle’s dress.

Yet, both stars looked absolutely fabulous on the red carpet.

Ruckus from the red carpet

Blanco’s dress ended up standing out even more for different reasons. For starters, it was red, not black. Some observers suggested that the star was not on the same page as her colleagues. But Blanco was quick to offer an explanation for her choice of color:

I love red. Wearing red does not mean I am against the movement. I applaud and stand by the courageous actresses that continue to break the cycle of abuse through their actions and fashion style choices.

Despite the largely positive air at the awards, there was some backlash for the star in red. Twitter user @malina shared this tweet.

Still, more people had kinder words to share.

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