Golden Globe Awards 2018: People's Reaction To Blanco Blanca's Decision To Ignore The Dress Code

Date January 8, 2018

Women can quarrel and envy each other, but the moment they are presented with a common foe, they set aside their grudges against each other and tackle that enemy till the end.

It’s in the name of a common foe that actresses decided to wear an all-black gown at the just concluded Golden Globes to protest against sexual harassment.

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Hollywood women and their all-black solidarity

In 2017, it was reported that a lot of Hollywood women accused the famous Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood hot shots of inappropriate behavior and assault. Thus, many Hollywood actresses decided to wear an all-black gown to protest against this menace.

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The Golden Globe Awards, which took place on January 7th, 2018, saw actresses with their gorgeous black gowns walking the red carpet.


Blanca Blanco and her red dress

Growing up, all Blanca ever wanted was to be an actress. She did all she could to support her family. At the early age of 9, Blanca started acting classes as well as singing lessons.

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After getting her Master’s degree, Blanca moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream as an actress. She landed her first big role in 2005, and ever since, she has starred in various movies.

Blanca Blanco was one of the very few actresses who attended the Golden Globe Awards wearing a fashionable red gown. She said she loves red, and wearing it doesn’t mean she does not support the #Timesup movement.

Twitter's reaction to Blanco's red dress

While some condemned the dress for being too sexy and revealing, others just think the dress is inappropriate for such an event, especially considering the all-black dress code in protest against sexual harassment.

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