Early Wedding Gift: Meghan Markle's Family Will Be Honored With Their Own Coat Of Arms

Date March 28, 2018

With less than 2 months left before the royal wedding is set to happen, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem ready and as perfect as ever.

Just recently, the reports of Harry bonding with Meghan's father Thomas Markle, 73, have surfaced. Despite not giving the speech at the ceremony, bride-to-be's father has spent quite some time with the future son-in-law, according to Lori Davis.

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Thomas Markle approves the choice of his daughter and thinks he's a great guy. But the perfect future son-in-law isn't the only thing Mr. Markle will be gifted with.

The Markles to receive their own coat of arms

As the May 19, the day of the wedding, approaches, Thomas Markle can expect a certain gift coming any day now.  A family Coat of Arms is commonly presented to the bride's father shortly before the big day. Although royal representatives are yet to confirm the gift, it's unlikely that this tradition will be broken.

In the case of the previous bride, Kate Middleton, her father received his Coat of Arms just a little over a week before William and Kate's wedding. Each one is customarily designed for every family. With the Middletons, it featured 3 acorns, which represented the three children - Kate, Pippa, and James. The gold stripe across the middle is in Kate's mother honor, which represents her maiden name is Goldsmith.


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A few years into Harry and Meghan's marriage, their familial coats of arms will be merged. William and Kate received theirs in 2013, two years after their wedding.


Who and why gets the coat of arms?

For a British person to have legal right to their own Coat of Arms, it must be either granted to them, or they must be a descendant from a male, to whom the honor was awarded. In the case of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, the Coat of Arms is granted to their families.


The tradition originated in 12th century, when the Coat of Arms would be worn over the armor, so that opponents could recognize each other. Essentially, it's a unique identifier for a British person and their family.

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