Bono Shared His Plans On The Fight With AIDS At Jimmy Kimmel's Live Show

Date November 30, 2017

Most people know Bono as a popular singer and one of the four members of the iconic band U-2. But the 57-year-old man is much more than just a musician artist: He is a songwriter, an entrepreneur, and, most importantly, a great philanthropist.


Bono is a member and co-founder of several non-profit organizations focused on helping people with AIDS, including ONE Campaign, DATA, and (RED). The singer helps raise money for the charitable efforts and helps people to be more educated about the disease, its causes, consequences, and treatment.

In November 2017, Bono was one of the guests of Jimmy Kimmel's Live Show. The entire episode was dedicated to the fight with HIV/AIDS, and Bono was talking a lot about the efforts his charity (RED) has put into combating the deadly disease for good.

The singer pointed out that 21 million of people living today would be dead without the AIDS therapy. And even though today there are 400 babies born with the dangerous virus, Bono hopes to change the situation completely and reduce the number to zero by 2020.

Furthermore, it looks like U-2 participants are going to break one of their major pacts. According to Bono, they have sworn to “never, ever play golf” many years ago. But this year, all four members of the legendary rock band will break that oath by playing mini golf with a person who wins the experience on

This inspiring idea is just one of the many initiatives realized by Bono's (RED) charity. Traditionally, most of the events take place somewhere around December 1st the World AIDS Day.


It was founded in 1988 and it's meant to raise awareness not only about the disease itself but also the needs and problems of people living with the virus.

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