Margot Robbie Says Playing Tonya Harding Was "Scary" But Also "Fun And Interesting"


November 30, 2017 16:50 By Fabiosa

Craig Gillespie's film I, Tonya seems to be one of the main sensations of the year. It tells a story of the famous ice skater Tonya Harding, focusing on the most controversial part of her sports career: the attack on her fellow Olympic competitor Nancy Kerrigan in 1994.


Margot Robbie, 27, plays the main character and is one of the movie's producers. During the recent premiere of I, Tonya in NYC, the actress opened up about the challenges she faced while working on the project.

“It’s scary playing a real-life person, especially when that person is still very much alive,” the actress said in an interview with ET.

While it was not the first biographical work in Robbie's acting career, there was something different to the story of Tonya Harding. Many people not only knew who she was, but also had an opinion on what had happened in 1994. To tell the other version of the story and to show the whole picture from a different angle – that was Robbie's main challenge, reports Vogue.

It’s an added responsibility any time you play a real-life person and one who still is very much alive and very much known by the general public — especially someone who the general public had already passed judgment on. To tell their story in a way they may not be expecting is a fun challenge.

The actress also shared her impression about working with her co-star Sebastian Stan. When talking about Stan, who played Harding's ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, Robbie refers to him as “someone you have complete trust with.”

Apart from being extremely challenging emotionally, playing Harding was also quite hard physically. Margot Robbie has even reached to the real-life Tonya for an advice on her training. And it turned out that the Suicide Squad star was doing it all wrong.

While the Hollywood star tried to focus on her legs to get them a bit stronger, Harding told her to focus on core strength instead. Following the ice skater's advice, the actress used to make a hundred sit-ups a day while working on the movie, reports ET.


I, Tonya was first premiered at the International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, on September 8, 2017. The official U.S. premiere is set for December 8, 2017.

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