Goodbye, Facebook! Meghan Markle Deleted Her Personal Accounts On Facebook And Other Social Media

Date January 10, 2018

Even though she is not even a legal member of the royal family, Prince Harry's fiancee is already known for breaking a couple of rules from the strict royal protocol. For instance, when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made their first public appearance in 2018, the 36-year-old Hollywood beauty surprised many people with her hairstyle.

This time, Meghan opted for a loose and a bit messy bun – a hairdo you don't usually see sported by a royal.


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However, there is one strict rule that even Meghan has to follow: no personal social media accounts.

And, shortly after their visit to the Reprezent Radio in Brixton, South London, the Suits star deleted her official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, reports US Weekly.

"Ms. Markle is grateful to everyone who has followed her social media accounts over the years, however, as she has not used them for some time, she has taken the decision to close them." - Kensington Palace


While Meghan did not post anything on her social media pages lately, there were a lot of pictures from the time when she was not dating Prince Harry.

Still, it was only a matter of time for the former actress to make this final move since none of the royals has a personal social media account. All the updates of the life of the royal family are shared only on the official social media pages of the Palace.

Taking a break from social media

Even though it is hard to imagine our lives without social media today, many celebrities delete their accounts for certain reasons.


Ed Sheeran, for instance, quit Facebook in December 2015 and stayed away from it for nearly a year. In 2016, he also deleted his Twitter because there was too much negativity in it. As of today, the musician uses only Instagram and Facebook, reports People.


Actress Daisy Ridley and model Chrissy Teigen also took a break from social media because of the aggression they saw in it. Daisy Ridley quit Instagram for some time after social media users' negative reaction to her anti-gun violence post.


And Chrissy Teigen spent an entire week out of Twitter because of the aggressive messages sent to her by some users.


Kendall Jenner also took some time off from one of the social media – Instagram – for about a week in November 2017. As she later explained it in an interview with Ellen, she “felt a little too dependent on it” and needed a break.

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